cPanel License how to install & actiavte?

cPanen & WHM installtion

What is cPanel & cPanel License exactly?

Cpanel is a kind of control panel that allows webmasters to manage their web hosting servers and Linux-based hosts. Web hosting providers make this powerful control panel accessible so that their clients can manage all of their services in one place, including database administration, file management, email account creation and management, dynamic data backup, subdomain creation, and WordPress installation.You must have to purchase cPanel License to use it

cPanel has two separate user interfaces. The first is a client-side interface that allows you to log in and handle the.. requirements of your website. The other is an administrative interface for the server to which you do not have access. This most widely used Linux-based web hosting platform is unsurpassed in the online development world. due to two critical advantages: It is completely free and easy to use.